Steve Flynn is a 11 year full time Sinatra tribute artist based in the Washington-Baltimore area. Flynn also performs hits from the likes of Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and other male standard singers of the time period to demonstrate his vocal versatility.

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About Flynnatra

Flynn's client list is as expansive as his song list, including such names as the National Theatre of Washington, DC. He is also the full time lead male vocalist for Dr. Phill's Big Band.



About Steve Flynn

With more than 11 years of of singing the music of Frank Sinatra, Steve Flynn has set a record pace for establishing himself as the most popular Sinatra tribute artist in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area. What once was a part time occupation is now a full time dream job for the former insurance executive. While the majority of the performances are held locally, Flynn has traveled as far as Florida to the south and New York to the north to accommodate his client’s requests.

Born in 1963 in the city of Chicago, Illinois, Flynn credits his mother for being his first influence musically. “She was always singing to us as kids.” The house also contained the standard of the time period the “console stereo”. This is were Flynn first experienced the sound of great standards being sung by the likes of Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald and of course “the voice” Frank Sinatra.

While attending public schools in his youth Flynn took advantage of every opportunity to sing in choirs and learned to become an accomplished guitar player. This led to playing in numerous garage bands pounding out rock tunes of the 1970’s. As the 1980’s arrived, so did a young entertainer on the music scene. His name was Harry Connick Jr. Doing something no other young entertainer was willing to do, he brought back the great standards with fresh arrangements and a style all his own. This inspired Flynn to search out and play with any big band or orchestra that would let him sit in. During one of the sessions the band asked Flynn if he could sing a Sinatra tune with them. When the song was over the band agreed that Sinatra’s music would be a perfect fit for Flynn’s vocal range and phrasing talents. A friend that was present for this session also dubbed Flynn with the nickname as we know him today, “Flynnatra”.

Moving to the east coast in 1989 for a job, Flynn reluctantly put his music aside to achieve some personal and career goals. As his career grew, so did the responsibilities to his job, not leaving any time to his first love, his music. Flynn always believed that someday he would be able to return to performing but found the job always taking priority. Realizing his true calling and happiness lied within his music, Flynn decided he had to make a change in his life. Requiring a large leap of faith, Flynn resigned from corporate life on January 1st, 2004 to pursue his musical career full time, and hasn’t looked back since.

Flynn’s client list is as expansive as his song list is, including such names as the National Theatre of Washington, D.C. Flynn also performs hits from the likes of Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and other male standards singers of the time period to demonstrate his vocal versatility. If you’re a fan of the “Rat Pack” and this timeless era of music, this is one show you will surely not want to miss!

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“Old Blue Eyes” comes to life as Steve Flynn sings the songs made famous by the velvet-voiced Frank Sinatra. Those who remember the antics and cool musicianship which characterized the Las Vegas performances of the “Rat Pack” will revel in this re-creation. Mr. Flynn has Sinatra’s style, suave, showmanship and sophistication down pat, and he delivers the songs with directness, warmth and appeal which are all his own.

—National Theatre of Washington, DC

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